Congratulation Barrack Obama

Hi there,

this is Frankies World, and we want to say that we are glad, Obama gets re-elected the past day, as the President of the United States. It had been 4 years since america elected you, and you did your job quiet well. I think that you are a man, able to unite the united States again, and make them speaking with one voice. It has been 4 years with great problems, and not everyday was easy, but with great personal power, and a hard hand, you were able to make things a bit better for the US citizen. Sorry for my, i think not really good english, but it´s not yet my mothers tounge. We in germany also followed the latest news from the other side of the World, and are happy to see you again as the president of the United States.

A change may always be good, but i think that there are too much things, not yet completed, so you need to go on with what you have started. Really there are much more things to do, then the past things you promised 4 years ago, but i think you are on the right way. If i had anything to do with it, i had made my cross for you, and only for you. We are glad to see that things can go on like it happend in the past, and you can fullfill your promises for the people of the united states, and to the world.

Do what you have done in the last 4 years, and go on with your way, i think it´s the right way. Show us all that america will be the great country, it was, again. On the dollar stands “In God we trust” now the World trusts in you too. Congratulation from Germany, i believe in you!

yours Frank The Tank